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Althea Walters. About Me

Hi! My name is Althea Walters, and I specialize in helping individuals, leaders and teams achieve their personal and professional goals by defining their success path, designing their action plans and maximizing their productivity and talent to perform at their optimal levels.

I am a Corporate Trainer, Leadership and Productivity Coach who helps you to GET ALL THE RIGHT THINGS DONE, in your life and work, within the Limited TIME that we all have! Through my training and coaching programmes, I help you to achieve clarity, productivity and improve overall performance in your Life, Work and Business so that you can get the results you want!

My Corporate Training and Workshops focuses on Empowering and Igniting Leaders and Team Success! My Professional work also extends to HR and Strategic Consultancy Services.

My own personal journey started when I was about to celebrate my 35th Birthday and had the shocker that none of my personal and business goals I had planned (without really taking action), was completed. I was living my life on auto-pilot. As a result, to get to my desired goal, I had to deliberately make some personal shifts (which was hard work), and up-leveled my productivity and focus in order to execute and achieve those goals. This journey also led me to create a Goal Planner - MY GOAL TRACKER and to offer Goal Success Coaching!

After starting my Coaching and Training Business, and having achieved significant milestones in my personal and business life, I am here to share my work, gifts and passion with you

You too can create the time to effortlessly plan and achieve your goals, improve your productivity and get the results you want!

while still finding time to enjoy life with your family without feeling stressed, overworked and overwhelmed. It's time to get Focused and Fulfilled!

Let me hear what you're struggling with

Here, we’ll uncover what’s affecting your focus and productivity for you to achieve your personal or business goal; and how you can overcome it. Click below to book a one-on-one complimentary breakthrough call:

My Services

Coaching Sessions

Take control and re-direct your life and/or your business on your path to success. Work to achieve breakthrough productivity, focus, organization, goal success and results in your life and business, with an experienced Coach and Accountability Partner


Learn key strategies and techniques to to achieve your personal, professional and business goals through my Presentations at your team or business retreats and professional development sessions.

Workshops and Trainings

Invest in a workshop or Training for your leaders and teams to learn and apply key strategies and techniques to improve leadership, effectiveness, productivity and performance

Business & HR Consultancy

Need an extra hand and brain to "Lighten the Load? or need to Optimize Your HR Operations and People Strategies?" Then connect with us for our BUSINESS CONSULTANCY & HR SERVICES where you can outsource your Projects and Initiatives while you focus on your day to day operations and serving your clients.

Free MasterClass Video

‘How to Beat Procrastination’

with Eric Twiggs and Althea Walters

My Programmes


90 mins Session OR 4 weeks Support

Plan, Design and Execute Your Goals with Intention and Drive!

Let's set high level Goals for yourself or your business and create a plan to achieve them. Start planning now with Personal Coach and Trainer Althea Walters, who is also the creator of Goal Planning Workbook - MY GOAL TRACKER!

This can be done as a ONE TIME 90mins Session or I hold your hand to do deep planning and execution (follow up sessions) inside our 4 weeks package.

In these sessions we will work through your GOAL and tackle Your Major Obstacle, Project or Focus, and carve out a minimum Action Plan with Steps how to advance you from where you are to where you desire to be.



4 Week Power Packed Sessions!

Participate in this Coaching Package and learn key skills and techniques to fast-track and BOOST Your Productivity & Focus so that you can WIN YOUR WEEK! WHAT'S INSIDE THE PACKAGE?
1. The WIN YOUR WEEK Package provides you with 4 weeks of Solid support and hand-holding! This is a weekly 1 hour ONLINE Private Coaching Session with You and Me.
2. Understand areas you are struggling with to create workable solutions
3. Manage Your To Do List so you feel less stressed and overwhelmed
4. Increase Your level of Focus so you can get back in control of your life and work

5. Discuss and implement practical tools and strategies to improve your productive habits, performance and increase effectiveness


1 Time Coaching Support

Access this Coaching whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck and have fallen off track with your Systems and processes to manage yourself and your work.

Here, I will help you identify the root cause (s) of your overwhelm and work with you to put a solution in place.

Although, this is a ONE-TIME Package, feel free to access other continued support thereafter. It's time for a RESET. HERE'S TO KEEPING YOU FOCUSED AND FULFILLED!


1:1 Coaching Support or Workshop

A focused and fulfilled leader has a clear understanding of their purpose and values. They know what truly matters to them and align their actions and decisions with their personal and professional goals.

This Programme is an excellent choice for Leaders and Professionals who now want to uplevel their achievements and take responsibility for the next level of their personal fulfillment.



1:1 Coaching Support

A solid career plan is important in that it can provide a roadmap for your future. This, in turn, helps you make informed choices as well as future career moves. Likewise, you may be in the Career you desire but need to make some advancement.

A broader career plan is also important when it comes to helping you stay inspired and fulfilled. Get to your desired fulfillment with Career Coaching support! Let's help you create your ideal plan!


3 Month's Solid Support!

Can't keep focused or need some help with how to Execute your Personal or Business Goal to get you to that finish line faster? Work with an expert Accountability Partner and Business Execution Coach to GET THINGS DONE AND KEEP YOU ON TRACK AND FOCUSED!

Productivity Program

Get Rid of Overwhelm & Boost Your Producitivty!

If you're tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, if you're tired of missing deadlines and falling behind on your work, then our Programme is exactly what you need. We'll teach you practical strategies and techniques to help you manage your time more effectively, prioritize your tasks, and overcome procrastination once and for all.

Our Programme is designed to be flexible and customizable, so you can tailor it to fit your unique needs and circumstances. Whether you're a busy professional, Manager, Leader, Business Owner, a student struggling to keep up with coursework, or a busy parent juggling work and family responsibilities, our Programme can help you reclaim your time and your sanity.

VIP DAY (For the Goal Getter)

Get Locked in and Focused to knock off those Key Outputs in 1 Day!

Our VIP Days are 4 to 6 FULL-Hours of One-On-One Session working on your initiatives, goals, productivity or business operations. BEFORE we have your VIP Day, we typically discuss our agenda and what you want to accomplish from this day together. I build the day's curriculum around your goals and needs that you share in your questionnaire. The VIP Day is BEST for an entrepreneur / leader who needs to move a little faster in setting up their structures, tools and processes to maximize their focus and their time to achieve greater results in their life and business.


Strategic Business Support (For the Business Owner)


This programme is a comprehensive value-based package that includes 1 hour weekly Coaching Sessions with supporting Resources and Templates to help you plan, manage and execute on your business activities in the most optimal way. In this programme, I act as your coach and accountability partner as you get the right things done, at the right time by structuring your daily processes, operations and strategies to meet your business demands in an optimal way.

GET THE CLARITY, ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONALITY You need in Your Business and Leadership to execute with success!

Give the Gift of Coaching!

45 Mins Professional Development Coaching Support

Here's your opportunity to Gift someone a Coaching Session where they can get the support to Plan, Design and Execute their Goal with Intention and Drive!

Start planning now with Personal Coach and Trainer Althea Walters, who is also the creator of Goal Planning Workbook - MY GOAL TRACKER!

In these sessions we will work through the GOAL and tackle Your Major Obstacle, Project or Focus, and carve out a minimum Action Plan with Steps how to advance you from where you are to where you desire to be.



Designed to tackle Life Changing and Business related areas

Sign up for our WORKSHOPS & TRAINING SESSIONS which are available both LIVE in person and ONLINE! Our Workshops help you Learn key strategies and techniques to advance your Personal and Professional Development. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out all by yourself….achieve results in a faster time!

What My Clients Say

Client reviews

I always considered myself to be organized and in control. Then I was recommended to Althea Walters. One of the best experiences. Never realized I needed a life coach until I got one. A very beneficial experience both personally and professionally, led by an awesome coach!

Cassandra Campbell

I must commend you on your exceptional coaching skills. Your passion for imparting knowledge and guiding individuals towards excellence shines through in every interaction. Althea Walters, as my dedicated coach, left an indelible impression. Her personality is second to none, fostering a warm and inclusive learning environment that encourages growth and self-discovery.

Renea Grant
What sets Blazing Beyond apart is Althea’s ability to tailor advice to my unique business needs. She takes the time to understand my goals, challenges, and aspirations, offering guidance that's specific to me. My experience thus far has been great and I wholeheartedly implore anyone who’s interested in taking the next step in their business to try this company
Nikayla Davis
Business Owner

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